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Accessorize your every mood...
From whimsical butterflies to vintage polka dots to classic flowers, the Out to Tea® collection offers a wide selection for ladies of all ages. Whether you are going to the beach, school, or a tea party, Out to Tea® has something for any occasion!  Dress your hair and go Out to Tea®!

Handcrafted accessories in fine European styles
Each Out to Tea® product is meticulously made by artisans utilizing the finest materials from France, Japan, New Zealand
and the United States.

Out to Tea® was created for my daughter. She had very fine hair which needed taming so I purchased hair accessories from numerous retailers. However, I ran into two main problems: 1) style and 2) functionality. They were all either too cutesy or failed to hold my daughter's hair for an appreciable amount of time. So I decided to create my own hair accessories to address the functional shortcomings of those on the market and infused with my own sense of style. With encouragement from family and friends, Out to Tea® was born.

Our goal is to hold your hair with style. Our philosophy is to help you complete your look. In short, Out to Tea® is here to Dress Your Hair®. We believe that hair accessories should fulfill the basic functions of utility and style. Our clips actually stay in the hair and our original headbands (the first of their kind) are elastic and adjustable for a perfect fit. Our products are individually crafted and are of the highest quality.

Of course as with any fashion accessory, style is just as important a consideration as utility and it is this consideration in which Out to Tea® is unmatched. From urban chic with classic undertones to classic simplicity with modern overtones, the Out to Tea® collection carries casual to formal designs for every day of the week.


About Our Products

Modern, cute, simple, trendy and beautiful hair accessories!
  • Non slip clips
  • Adjustable infant headbands
  • Interchangeable & bendable girls headbands
  • Customizable infant and girls headbands

Practical and Functional
  • NO SLIP: Out to Tea® clips are fully lined with French velvet or gripping fabric so that they are secure even in the finest of hair.
  • SAFE: There is no metal exposed on our clips to protect little eyes from getting poked with any sharp objects.  Out to Tea® hair clips do not have any hidden magnets.  All products are made with non-toxic adhesives.
  • PERFECT FIT STRETCH HEADBANDS: Our one of a kind stretch headbands are elastic with an adjustable slide for a perfect fit.  No more popping off or sliding off!
  • BENDABLE HEADBANDS: All girls headbands are bendable to comfortably fit any size head.  No more headbands that are too tight and give headaches!
  • MIX AND MATCH: Out to Tea® headbands and clips can be used alone or together and with our large selection of colors and styles, our little fashionistas can mix and match to accessorize any mood, style or outfit!

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Wholesale Information

Thank you for your interest in Out to Tea® and our collection of fine hair accessories.
All items come individually packaged for retail sales on an Out to Tea® card hang tag. 

In order to be eligible for wholesale purchasing, please provide us with the following:
a) Name of business
b) Business address
c) Contact information (phone and email)
d) Type of business
e) Valid resale tax ID #
f) Company URL (if applicable)

Please make submissions to:  wholesale@out-to-tea.com

Please note that all Out to Tea® products may not be repackaged, sold, or otherwise distributed under any other brand name and must retain all original Out to Tea® trademarks.

All images on Out-to-Tea.com are copyrighted and cannot be used without the consent of Out to Tea, LLC.

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